Tide (the Netherlands)

“Tide” is an immersive kinetic installation inspired by the movement of moving tide – the rise and fall of sea levels caused by gravitational pull of the moon and sun. Tides are very long-period waves that move through the oceans. When we allow trash to fall from our hand to land then to sea, we allow them to travel around the world on ocean currents by which no beach is untouchable no matter how remote it is. Compositing these found pollutants with visual and sound, “Tide” takes on the continuous action of On and Off, highlighting the circular trajectory – a notion of totality – forming the ecosystem of which we are all a part.

“Tide” (the Netherlands) is the second edition of Tide commissioned by Groninger Museum for its Children’s Biennale: A Better Place 2024 curated by Ellis Hendriksen. The artwork was produced locally with marine debris collected by local school kids.