Artist conference

Borrowing the format of a conference in an exhibition setting, the series intends to offer an open exhibition concept allowing the participating artists not only to present their new artworks, but also gain critical and honest feedback from invited panelists and the public.  

Artist as collector

Featuring 50 personal artwork collections by 50 local artists, the group exhibition Artist as Collector explores the relationships between the artists and their artistic fellows within the contexts of contemporary art in Singapore.

Sites and Nature: A Collection of Remembering

A project by NTU Museum. Looking into both collections of the NTU Museum and NIE from an overarching perspective, exploring not only what have been collected, but also what artists have documented in relation to Singapore’s history through their artistic practices. “Sites and Nature” creates exhibition site for remembrance, for reconnection, for conversation and for imagination. 

Made in Singapore – three quarters of a century

Celebrating 75 years of arts education in NAFA. The collection of artworks aimed to capture an artistic regional identity which possesses a unique ‘local colour’. The exhibition presents a selected group of 23 alumni who either graduated after the 1990s or have actively continued their artistic exploration since then.  

12 Solo

One artwork one month, 12 Solo is the first series curated for the independent space Comma Space, Singapore. 

happens when nothing happens

Ten young, emerging artists document moments of daily life in Singapore, focusing on the objects, interactions and spaces which have been taken for granted. Working in a variety of mediums, they give voice to the untold stories in our lives, enabling us to view them afresh and engage with them critically.

Placing Home: Woodlands

A public art project that specifically deals with the idea of home and movement subscribing to the town of WOODLANDS.


Looks into the ideas that consider an in-between condition between two things (e.g. times, spaces, situations, relationships, etc), and mediate the inter-changeable condition between inside and outside, tangible and intangible.